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World Period, 1 Definition(s)

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formation, dissolution: s. kappa.

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The human realm is the world of everyday experience. A human birth is conside...
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The gods, or devas, live in a state of bliss in the realm of heaven. Later sourc...
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The mental state of the devas of the Brahma worlds corresponds to the first dhya...
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World of Endurance. Refers to this world of ours, filled with suffering and affl...
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The titans know only warfare. Not content with what they possess these giants ru...
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In the realm of the animals, life is the life of the body. All endeavor is direc...
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arūpa-loka; s. loka.
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The entire cosmos, consisting of worlds upon worlds ad infinitum, as described i...
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See "Ocean Wide Lotus Assembly."
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One of the titles of the Buddha. In Sutras, this is the respected title of Shaky...
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The "fellowship of Churches which accept our Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior...
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Several instances of interaction between Buddhism and the Roman world are docume...
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· Loka
World:—A world is a juncture of time and realm. “Time” refe...
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