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Tsog offering, 1 Definition(s)

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An offering made by an assembly of Heroes and Heroines. See Essence of Vajrayana.
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· Offering
an oblation, dedicated to God. Thus Cain consecrated to God of the first-fruits ...
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· Meat Offering
The law or ceremonial of the meat offering is described in ( Leviticus 2:1 ) ......
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· Burnt Offering
The word is applied to the offering which was wholly consumed by fire on the alt...
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· Heave Offering
Heb. terumah, ( Exodus 29:27 ) means simply an offering, a present, including al...
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· Thank Offering
the properly eucharistic offering among the Jews, in its theory resembling the m...
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· Trespass Offering
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· Sin Offering
(Heb. hattath), the law of, is given in detail in Leviticus 4-6:13; ; Leviticus ...
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· Wave Offering
This rite, together with that of "heaving" or "raising" the offering was an inse...
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· Inner offering
A Highest Yoga Tantra offering that is produced by transforming ten inner substa...
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· Torma offering
A special food offering made according to either Sutric or Tantric rituals. See ...
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· Jealousy Offering
the name of the offering the husband was to bring when he charged his wife with ...
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· Drink Offering
consisted of wine ( Numbers 15:5 ; Hosea 9:4 ) poured around the altar ( Exodus ...
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· Wood Offering
( Nehemiah 10:34 ; 13:31 ). It would seem that in the time of Nehemiah arrangeme...
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· Sixteen offering goddesses
Sixteen offering goddesses (Wyl. mchod pa'i lha mo bcu drug) or sixteen vajra...
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· Vajradaka Burning Offering
A special purification practice in which our negativities and downfalls are tran...
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