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Ten Kinds Of Foulness, 1 Definition(s)

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Ten Kinds of Foulness (asubha)

  1. the bloated (corpse) counteracting delight in beauty of proportions
  2. the livid... beauty of complexion
  3. the festering... scents and perfumes
  4. the cut-up... wholeness or compactness
  5. the gnawed... well-fleshed body
  6. the scattered... grace of limbs
  7. the hacked and scattered... grace of body as a whole
  8. the bleeding... ornaments and jewelry
  9. the worm-infested... ownership of the body
  10. the skeleton... having fine bones and teeth

See Asubha;

Added: 19.Feb.2010 | Source: Dharmaweb: Practical Advice for Meditators
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