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mental: s. cetasika. - F. of absorption, s. jhāna - F. of enlightenment, s. bojjhanga.

Added: 06.Jun.2010 | Source: Pali Kanon: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines
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· Mental factor
Mentality, primary mind, and consciousness are synonyms. A cognizer that prin...
1 desc.
· Seven Inseparable Mental Factors
the 7 i. m. f. in all consciousness: s. cetanā, phassa, nāma.
1 desc.
· Jivitindriya
One of the Sabbacittasadharana cetasikas. Jivitindriya is a mental life. it supp...
3 desc.
· Compositional factors
The aggregate of compositional factors comprises all mental factors except feeli...
1 desc.
· Mental sinking
A mental factor that destroys the clarity of concentration and its firm hold upo...
1 desc.
· Mental stabilization
Generally, the terms aE mental stabilizationaE and aE concentrationaE are interc...
1 desc.
· Sensorial Impression
sensorial or mental: phassa.
1 desc.
· Mental power
A mind that principally functions directly to produce the uncommon aspect of a m...
1 desc.
· Mental Bondages
mental: cetaso vinibandha.
1 desc.
· Mental Image
mental: s. nimitta, samādhi, kasina. -- or -- s. nimitta, kasina, samādhi. -- or...
1 desc.
· Mental Function
citta-sankhāra; s. sankhāra (2).
1 desc.
· Mental Action
mano-kamma; s. karma.
1 desc.
· Mental Obduracy
1 desc.
· Mental Advertence
mano-dvārāvajjana; s. āvajjana.
1 desc.
· Mental Formation
sankhāra. s. Tab. II.
1 desc.

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