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There are five kinds of eyes or vision - human eye - it is our flesh eye, an organ to see an object with limitation, for instance, in darkness, with obstruction. - devine eye - it can see in darkness and in distance, attainable by men in dhyana (concentration/meditation). - wisdom eye - the eye of Arhat and Two Vehicles i.e. the sound hearers (Sravaka) and the Enlightened to Conditions (Praetyka Buddha). It can see the false and empty nature of all phenomena. - dharma eye - the eye of Bodhisattva. It can see all the dharmas in the world and beyond the world. - buddha eye - the eye of Buddha or omniscience. It can see all that four previous eyes can see.
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1. human eye; 2. devine eye; 3. dharma eye; 4. wisdom eye; 5. Buddha eye.
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