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In ( Exodus 28:33 ) the bells alluded to were the golden ones 72 in number, round the hem of the his priests ephod. The object of them was so that his sound might be heard." ( Exodus 28:34 ) Ecclus. 45:9. To this day bells are frequently attached, for the sake of their pleasant sound, to the anklets of women. The little girls of Cairo wear strings of them around their feet. In ( Zechariah 14:20 ) "bells of the horses" were concave or flat pieces of brass, which were sometimes attached to horses for the sake of ornament.

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The bells first mentioned in Scripture are the small golden bells attached to the hem of the high priest's ephod ( Exodus 28:33 Exodus 28:34 Exodus 28:35 ). The "bells of the horses" mentioned by ( Zechariah 14:20 ) were attached to the bridles or belts round the necks of horses trained for war, so as to accustom them to noise and tumult.

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