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Attention, 2 Definition(s)

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See manasikāra (Pali for Attention).

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A mental factor that functions to focus the mind on a particular attribute of an object. See Understanding the Mind.

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· Inappropriate attention
A mind that focuses on the qualities of a contaminated object and exaggerates th...
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· Vinnana
Consciousness; cognizance; the act of taking note of sense data and ideas as ...
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N Fact to examine an object by means of the mind, in a penetrative manner. Appro...
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(the Four) Foundations of Mindfulness
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mind, thinking faculty
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'modes of generation.' There are 4 generation from the egg, from the mother's wo...
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pariharaṇa : (nt.) keeping on; protection; attention. || pariharaṇā (f.) keeping...
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Discernment; also, insight, correct perception or view.
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If you focus your attention on an object it gradually becomes calmer and more co...
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1. Jhana Sutta - Anuruddha tells his colleagues of the advantages of cultivati...
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Directed thought. In meditation, vitakka is the mental factor by which ones atte...
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